Back in 2005, I graduated from Douglas J Aveda Institute in Ann Arbor, MI with my license in esthiology.  I LOVED it.  I loved making people FEEL good with relaxing wraps and body treatments, and I loved making people LOOK good with skincare and makeup!  I immediately went on to work in an Aveda spa and since then I have worked for Aveda and the Body Shop.  I also spent 7 years as a freelance makeup artist.  That was work that felt amazing to me!  I got to do bridal parties, runway shows, bachelorette parties… you name it, I did it!  I worked with all kinds of brands and got to play with all kinds of stuff!  Here’s just a few of the makeup applications I did:


When my son was born in a place where we had NO family to help out and not even any close friends that I could trust, I quickly realized that my freelancing days were going on hiatus.  You can’t exactly take a baby to a wedding and tell the bride “hold on while I nurse” or “sorry the baby is crying.  That doesn’t stress you out does it?”  We had no babysitter (and no money to pay one) so I put that career on hold.

And I missed it.  I missed it SO much!

So when, in April of 2014, the opportunity came for me to join Avon, I thought long and hard about it.  First, my answer was absolutely not.  Avon has crappy, cheap products, right?  Its the cold cream my Grandma uses.  Its eye shadow that creases or fades off in 30 minutes, right?   Its that perfume that makes you smell like you belong in a nursing home, right?  But then I thought “how can so many people be successful selling it?”  So I did some research.  What I found really shocked me!  Yes, it IS the cold cream my Grandma uses.  Its also the home of a large number of clinically, dermatologist tested amazing skincare products.  The eye shadow not only lasts all day, it has AMAZING pigment AND blends really well!  Yes, they do still carry that nursing home perfume.  They also carry amazing smelling perfumes and colognes from famous celebrities such as Olivia Wilde, Megan Fox, Fergie,and most recently Sophia Vergara.


On top of that, I learned about the mark. brand that is sold right alongside AVON in the catalog!  mark. is a trendy,younger, edgier version of AVON. The brand ambassador is Lucy Hale and as a huge Pretty Little Liars fan myself, I found that intriguing all on its own.  The makeup is a little brighter, the clothes a little trendier, the scents a little younger.  Overall, I am a HUGE fan of mark.


Soooo… yes, I signed up to be an AVON rep and haven’t regretted it once.  Its a great company to be a part of and ethically, they share all of the same beliefs and morals I do so its a WIN WIN!  I found a way to continue doing what I love, on a much smaller scale, which is exactly what my family needed!

Also, Avon does NOT test on animals!  In fact, they were one of the first cosmetic companies (back in the 80s) to come up with alternative ways of testing products so as not to hurt our furry friends!  Despite what you might hear from other organizations that like to stretch the truth and cause drama, the American branch of Avon has not tested on animals since 1989.  The American branch of Avon has completely broken off as its own company recently and all products bought here are formulated and tested in the US, cruelty free.  If you would like to read up more on Avon’s stance to this and other global issues, click this link.

My Project

That being said, I will not be pushing AVON down the throats of my blog readers!  I do love many of their products, but there are some I absolutely don’t recommend.  I am an honest person and don’t believe in selling products I don’t feel passionate about.  So…if you are interested in AVON, you can shop my online store here.  If you’re not interested, that’s cool too.  I hope you enjoy all my other posts!



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