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Have you heard the term “Boo the Neighborhood” yet?  I heard about it for the first time after last Halloween and absolutely LOVE the concept.  Its kinda like Secret Santa but for Halloween.  Since I’m not a fan of the dark, evil side of the holiday, I thought it was so awesome that someone had found a way to take Halloween and turn it into a happy, giving time.  So this year, I decided that I was going to Boo the Neighborhood.  I really hope my neighbors think its a great as I do and follow through with it!  Don’t know what I’m talking about?  Let me break it down.

First- You make a couple little gifts for your neighbors.  Since I don’t have a lot of money to spend on stuff like this and I know my neighbors don’t either, I kept it very simple.  I washed out a couple of baby food jars for each gift and let them dry.  Then I printed out these Halloween labels, cut them out, and stuck them on the front of each jar with double-sided tape.  Then I filled the jars up with Fall-colored m&m’s.


Next you print out this sign for each gift:

weve been booed

One more!  Print out the instructions for each gift:

You've been boed instructions

Now all you do is put it all together into two different gifts.  I chose simple plastic gift bags but I’ve seen pictures of those dollar store pumpkins stuffed with goodies or nicer treats.  I just figured I have a better chance of getting this to continue if people didn’t feel like they needed to do a lot of work.   Here’s what mine looked like- nothing fancy but that’s not what matters, right?


For the final step, you choose two neighbors (I chose the ones I thought might actually continue this on) and secretly leave the gift at their door.  Preston and I had so much fun sneaking up to the doors, dropping the gift, then dashing away!  If you can, it probably works better at night but since I wanted to share this experience with a 3 year old (and start to show him how giving can be fun) we had to do mid-morning instead.  Of course, the very first house we Booed, the neighbor drove in right as we were dashing away.  Guess we weren’t so slick there.  Don’t count on us to be secret agents anytime soon!

Here’s a couple pics of our “drop and dash”.

1022151001 1022151002 1022151002a


Have YOU ever tried to Boo the Neighborhood?  I’d LOVE to hear your stories and ideas!

Comment Below!  And remember, sharing is caring!



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 BOO Your Neighborhood

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