Christmas Ornament Keepsake Book

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One of my favorite memories of Christmastime when I was growing up is decorating the tree with my family.  My dad would always put up the tree and string the lights and garland.  Then my mom, brothers, and I would get to decorate it.  We never had a “theme” or color scheme or anything like that.  It was simply a hodgepodge of mismatched ornaments, some store-bought and some homemade, and blinking colored lights.  It was full as can be and had an ornament on every branch and I loved it!  

I remember pulling out each ornament, one at a time, and mom telling us when she could remember the story behind it.  We had very few ornaments that didn’t have a story.  Some were passed down from older relatives (I remember a beautiful egg ornament from my great Grandma that always had a place of honor HIGH up on the tree) and some were made by us in kindergarten.  Each one was special.

My brothers and I decorating the tree when I was a kid
My brothers and I decorating the tree when I was a kid

When I grew up and got my very first Christmas tree, I decided I wanted the same thing in my home.  So our tree is nothing but special ornaments that were given to us or we made with special meaning.  However, I’ve noticed that over the years, I tend to forget the special meaning behind each one.  How my mom remembered so many, I have no idea… but I would pull one out and think “I love this one- I wish I could remember WHO gave it to us”.  So last year I started a very special Christmas Tradition.


This is our ornament book.  I took a photo of EVERY ornament we have and put it in this photo album.  Next to each ornament is a description of when we got it and from who.  Not only does this help us remember, but it is a great keepsake book to enjoy our ornaments year-round even when we don’t have the tree up!  Plus, I let my son decorate it so it’s even more special!

Want to make your own?  Its EASY!  All you need is a photo album (and stickers to decorate it with, if you want), and a camera.  Choose a well-lit area with a plain background and take a picture of each ornament you have.  I actually did some of my photos right on the tree with the green background and it worked great!  Next, just print out the photos and put them in your album.  Some albums already have a little spot next to the picture where you can write but if not, you can do what I did and write on a blank index card and place it in the photo slot directly next to the photo (taking up two photo slots).  


This is a great way to preserve your memories and I figure when we’re gone and our ornaments get passed down to our children, they will love (hopefully) looking through the book and sharing the memories with their children.

Merry Christmas, everybody!  I hope this can help create special memories for your families this holiday season and in all the years to come!



I am a Stay-at-Home Mommy with a wide variety of past experiences and a creative mind for developing new ideas.I love my family more than anything in the world but I also love fashion, cooking, crafting, shopping, and anything pumpkin. Read more about me! and Follow me on facebook!

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 Christmas Ornament Keepsake Book


  1. Kristy | | Reply

    Awww! This is a really sweet idea. I am probably being a bit ambitious by saying I will do it….but I would definitely love to! It’s so great to pass down traditions and memories to our kids. Thanks so much for this great idea!!!

    • Crystal | | Reply

      You are very welcome Kristy! It’s actually not very time consuming at all! I did it last year as we were taking the ornaments OFF the tree so it was pretty simple!

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