How Birthdays Have Changed

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The last few weeks have been so incredibly busy!  I’ve had to put my writing aside to focus on some other projects going on in my life: my mom’s birthday present (it was her 65th so I had to go all out.  I’ll be writing a post on that gift soon!), my mom came to visit for almost 2 weeks, had my first yard sale, and then it was my birthday!  All of that on top of the normal “mom” duties in my household.  Lets just say I spent the last 2 days doing nothing but cleaning!  Ha!

On my birthday, I was overwhelmed by the amount of facebook messages and text messages I was receiving all day long.  I didn’t even get a chance to look at most of them until the next day!  Well over a hundred people wishing me a happy birthday and saying things like “don’t do anything I wouldn’t do” and “party hard” and “can’t wait to hear how you celebrated”.  Then I got one message from a dear friend of mine and she said the sweetest thing: “hope your birthday is something to blog about!”  At first  I kind of laughed because, as a stay-at-home mom of two, my birthday is not exactly a big deal anymore.  I would gladly tell anyone who would buy me a present to instead buy something for my kids- if I thought they would listen.

The more I thought about that statement though, the more I wondered how many other moms out there have experienced the same thing, thinking “my birthday is NOTHING to blog about”.  Well, lets test that theory, why don’t we?

10-15 years ago, my birthday was something to blog about!  I was young and wild and on tour with Disney on Ice.  My biggest concern was finding a laundromat in each city so I could have clean clothes!  My birthday would begin with a night before pre-birthday celebration and I would probably be out dancing until late in the night.  I’d sleep in on my birthday until at LEAST 11, then get up and go out to brunch.  The afternoon would probably consist of clothes shopping or shoe shopping (some sort of frivolous shopping), then out to dinner and dancing.  For gifts, people would give me clothes or jewelry or books.  One year, Eric bought me $200 worth of makeup!

This is me and my birthday buddy (the only person I've ever known who shares my exact birthday) on our 21st birthday! We've lost touch now but we still reach out once a year to say hi on that special day!
This is me and my birthday buddy (the only person I’ve ever known who shares my exact birthday) on our 21st birthday! We live cross-country now but we still reach out once a year to say hi on that special day!

The difference between then and now is so drastic, its hard to believe I’m the same person!  I’ve found myself going through this last birthday moment by moment and comparing it to the years past.  The best part?  This last birthday was pretty much as close to perfect (for me) as it can get!

  • First, Preston let me sleep in until 8:45am!  At 3 years old, he usually gets up around 7-7:30.  He got one of those alarm clocks that turns green when he’s allowed to get up but sometimes it doesn’t matter and he’s up way early anyway.  Considering the fact that my 6 month old has this nasty habit of napping late in the day (and is IMPOSSIBLE to wake when she does this) so she doesn’t go to sleep for the night until around 2am, every second of sleep I can get in the morning is appreciated!  Normally, Preston comes into my room to get me up as soon as he wakes up.  When I woke up around 7am and looked at the baby monitor, I saw he was out of bed.  He hadn’t come into my room to get me, though, so I assumed he had gotten my mom up (who was visiting) instead of me.  I thought “how nice, she’s gotten up early so I could get more sleep on my birthday!”  and I fell back asleep.  Well, around 8:45, I woke again and got up.  I walked out of my room and into the living room to find our entire pantry on the living room floor: cans and boxes of food all over the rug- dessert sticks spread throughout the entire house!  Turns out, Preston decided NOT to wake ANYONE and to just have a free-for-all by himself instead!  My first instinct was to be mad but I had to remind myself that he didn’t do anything to hurt himself and it really wasn’t THAT big of a deal but then he runs up to me and gives me a huge hug and kiss and says “its Mommy’s birthday!”.  I just can’t stay mad when he does sweet stuff like that!


  • After getting up, getting ready, and cleaning up a bit, my mom said she wanted to take me out for my birthday present.  Something I’ve always looked forward to doing is decorating my house for the holidays.  Considering the fact that I’ve rented every year until now, I’ve never had that option!  So… we loaded the kids in the car and drove around to Lowe’s, Home Depot, Bealls, and Walmart to find ways to make my little home look super cute.  I’m totally a cheesy person so I just couldn’t wait!  We’re not really that into Halloween (well, not the spooky, evil side of it) so I didn’t want witches and ghosts and stuff like that for the house.  Plus, I wanted decorations that I could keep out until Thanksgiving.  At Bealls, we found a BEAUTIFUL Harvest Wreath for the door!  Then at Home Depot we found some adorable scarecrows and Preston decided we needed one for each of us.  So, 1 wreath, 4 scarecrows, 3 hay bales, 2 pumpkins, and a HUGE pot of burgundy mums later we headed home.  Where I grew up, some of the houses would get completely decked out for the fall and they looked BEAUTIFUL!!!  Here, not a whole lot of people do anything.  I’m assuming its because of the lack of fall colors or cooler temperatures.  Fall has always been my favorite time of year though so I NEEDED to bring a little bit down to Florida!  Anyway, here is the finished product.  I figure every year I’ll add a little bit but I thought this was a cute start for my first year decorating, especially considering that we’ve only been in this house for 7 months and haven’t even touched the landscaping outside yet!  That’s a project for the spring!12107904_10156090031655150_755896496237850466_n
  • As a side note, we did have a scary moment to my birthday this year.  When we got to Home Depot, we were lucky enough to get the first spot in the parking lot.  It was nose-to-nose with a handicapped spot but, for some reason, this one wasn’t handicapped.  We chalked it up to birthday luck.  As we were leaving, I loaded the kids into their car seats then my mom and I were behind the van loading the goodies into the back when we heard a HUGE crash!  The rational part of my brain completely turned off and I RAN around the van to check the kids.  It wasn’t until I saw that they were fine that I realized that a car had crashed right into the post separating the handicapped spot from mine.  I ran to the car and there was a little old lady in the drivers seat.  Turns out she had accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake while trying to park.  We helped her call for help and she seemed ok (even though I REALLY thought she should go get checked out) so we left her in the hands of a very sweet manager from Home Depot who even had the decency to call us later and let us know that the old woman made it home with a neighbor.  Anyway, God is amazing, right?  I just couldn’t be more thankful for how that situation happened.  First, how that woman wrapped her car around a pole and walked away completely unharmed (she HAD to be in her 80’s at least).  Second, had that post not been there, she would’ve hit my car head on with my babies inside and my mom and I standing right behind it.  The situation could have been horrific but God was looking out for us and made a best possible scenario out of it!  I just love when I see His hand at work!540_293_resize_20130601_4a432b120f5827f8af2f85288c3a5992_jpg
  • Anyway, Preston gave me such a wonderful birthday gift when we got home.  HE NAPPED!!!  This incredibly energetic 3 year old has been boycotting naps lately so the fact that he laid down with no fight and fell right asleep is a miracle in itself!  I had time to clean up his mess from the morning!  Haha!
  • Meanwhile, hubby surprised me and was able to take a half day at work and come home to spend the afternoon with us!  You have to understand.  His job is very demanding and he works LONG hours so the fact that he was able to be with us the entire afternoon and evening was incredibly special.  I LOVE doing things as a family!
  • When Preston woke up, he had a little lunch then we went to Coldstone to get ice cream.  I just love how they mix up all the toppings inside the ice cream!  Preston loves it too because, well, its ice cream…

    3 year olds and ice cream...
    3 year olds and ice cream…
  • After ice cream, we knew we needed to let the 3 year old burn off some sugar so we stopped at the park on the way home.  He had a blast playing on the “big kid” playground (he only gets to do this with Daddy because I think its a little TOO big for him and I can’t see him at all times when he’s on it).  We also had my mom take some cute family photos while we had a nice background!

12043226_10156083462300150_45435703316793501_n 12096165_10156083462380150_1923605077240945593_n (1)

  • We got home after about an hour at the park and, while I bathed Preston, Eric ordered some Chinese food (I LOVE Chinese but we hardly ever get it!) and we had an amazing dinner that I DIDN’T HAVE TO COOK!!!!!!  Don’t get me wrong.  I love cooking but sometimes, in the midst of my neverending to-do list, it just gets in the way and becomes an annoyance.  I mean, seriously, do the kids really NEED to eat 3 meals a day?  ***TOTALLY KIDDING!!!  Don’t freak out on me!
  • After dinner, we did one of my favorite things in the entire world.  Family Game Night.  When I was a kid and we would go to my grandparents house on vacation, I looked forward to it so much because I loved when we all sat down and played a game together- almost every night.  Every Christmas my family plays Trivial Pursuit together.  I just love it.  So, on my birthday, we all sat at the table and played Candyland!  Haha!  Not quite the same but its the 3 year old version of family game night and I LOVED it!  12072536_10156083462620150_2078764600451695536_n
  • At the end of the night, I was able to just relax, put Preston to bed, and then my mom and I watched Cinderella.  Eric would’ve if I’d asked him but he’s not exactly a Disney fairy tale type-of-guy.  I didn’t want to do that to him!  In fact, I had to laugh when he walked into the room during the fairy godmother scene and asked us what movie we were watching.  I mean, seriously, only my husband would see a pumpkin getting turned into a carriage along with a girl in a pretty dress and glass slippers, and NOT know what movie it is!
  • Presents: People laugh at me when it comes to presents.  They just don’t mean the same to me as in the past.  My parents got me my harvest decorations which was awesome- mainly because that is something that I wouldn’t spend the money on myself (at least not right now).  Eric got me a beautiful marble drapery rod for our bedroom.  LOL- I know that sounds dumb but I REALLY wanted one to put up these beautiful curtains I had bought a while ago and we just hadn’t had the extra money to buy a nice curtain rod.  (Funny note:  He was installing it and I walked in to see the progress.  I proceed with “that REALLY is a nice rod” to which he responds (with NO hesitation) “thanks, baby.  I’m so glad you like my rod.”  Why is it that, after 5 1/2 years of marriage, he can still make me blush?  Haha!)  From the kids, I got a full-length mirror.  I thought this was super sweet because we didn’t have one and ONE time, I mentioned in conversation how I had to stand on the bed to see my whole outfit in the master bathroom mirror.  I never asked for one or mentioned it again, but my hubby listens and got me a mirror that I can see my entire body from the floor!

So that was my birthday.  I had such a wonderful day and felt so loved and so blessed!  Something to blog about?  Well, I guess I just did.  I can only hope that you enjoyed it!

Can anyone else relate with me on how birthdays change after kids?  Its funny because if you had asked me about a birthday like this 10 years ago, I would’ve said “No Way!”  That didn’t sound like fun at all!  But it truly was a wonderful day.  I’d love to hear from you about what YOU consider to be the perfect birthday!  Comment below!

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 How Birthdays Have Changed

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