One of THOSE Days

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Today was one of those days.  Moms, you know what I’m talking about.  One of THOSE days…  I mean, by 5pm I felt like I was going to pull my hair out.  Been there?  If you have a toddler, your answer is probably “Yep!!”  If you have more than one toddler, can I get an “Amen?”

Well, Mama, you aren’t alone.  I’ve been there.  I hope reading about my day will make you smile (that awesome “mom”solidarity smile) and take comfort in the fact that your kids aren’t acting THAT horribly!

My day started out a little strange.  I thought it was just because I was tired.  I had stayed up until 1am trying to organize my schedule and time so that I wouldn’t NEED to stay up until 1am anymore. We just moved so its taking some time to get things settled in the new house.  So, I headed for the coffee first thing in the morning and decided to ignore the demands already coming from my “almost” 4 year old.  You see, he gets up at the crack of dawn- literally.  He will bound into our bedroom at 5-5:30am and YELL “Mommy, the sun’s up!!!  Time to get up!”  We got one of those color alarm clocks and everything.  He just ignores it.  Anyway, so after I stumbled to the coffee machine and poured a cup, I already had a whiney little boy.  “I’m HUNGRY!!!!  Mommy, my tummy hurts because I need food!  Make me waffles!  I want juice!”  You know how annoying that is before your coffee kicks in?  So then, just as I’m about to get his breakfast (and I’m in the middle of a long winded talk about manners), the baby wakes up screaming bloody murder.  I go up to get her, which means putting Preston’s breakfast on hold.  I tried to pacify him with Mickey Mouse but it wasn’t working this morning.  Then, Trinity needs to nurse.  I mean, she won’t stop screaming until she nurses.  So I have to wait for her to finish that.  She nurses while using her little talons to carve my chest up- no matter how many times I move that little hand away.  Finally, I can officially do breakfast and I make the waffles.  Now I accidentally leave my plate a little too close to Trinity’s booster chair and CRASH!!!!  My plate shatters on the kitchen floor.  I immediately look at Preston and tell him not to move- that his feet will get all cut up if he walks on the floor.  So I go to get the broom and when I turn around, Preston is on the floor in his bare feet saying “look, Mommy, my feet aren’t cut”.  So now I’m dealing with a screaming baby, broken glass all over the floor, and a defiant little smart alec who is about to hurt himself really bad- and its not even 7am yet.

The day continued along those lines with every time I tried to get something on my to-do list accomplished, I ended up taking 5 steps back.  I mean, I literally lost count of the amount of times my laundry that has to hang dry was torn down to the ground- not just one piece- ALL of it.  They tag teamed me with naps- Trinity fell asleep early around 11am and I could NOT get her to wake up.  I put her in bed and fed Preston lunch and got him down for his nap around 12pm.  Perfect, right?  Except for the fact that, as I walked out of Preston’s room, Trinity is already wide awake, screaming bloody murder again.  (I swear the girl must be teething or something).  So now I have an overtired 1 year old who did not get nearly enough sleep at naptime.  Her solution to her tiredness is to violently pull every book she can see off of the shelf and cover the floor in the playroom with her toys so we can’t see the color of the carpet anymore.  All while crying.  If I picked her up, she just wanted to nurse.  When I let her nurse, she’d start biting after 2 minutes.  Then she smiles like its so funny.

Preston wakes up around 12:45 and now I have 2 overtired children.  Yea!!!

The day continued snowballing with both kids screaming for no reason, playing with Daddy’s computer (which is a BIG no no), breaking 2 vertical blinds right off, hitting each other with the sticks you use so that you can’t open the window, Preston (who has been completely potty trained with no accidents for 8 months now) decided to pee his pants ON THE STEPS (cuz THATS easy to clean), and Trinity threw her entire dinner on the floor.  Then, while I was sweeping, she LICKED THE DUSTPAN!!!  I’m talking a big ole top to bottom lick.  I nearly threw up.

Kind of needless to say, I gave in and I had my first glass of wine before my husband even got home from work.  Totally makes me feel like an alcoholic to be drinking wine in front of my kids (I rarely drink, btw) but desperate times.  Seriously, I could hear myself screaming at my kids and I sounded like a maniac.  I needed intervention.

Then it was bedtime… and it all sunk in.  I was rocking my baby to sleep and she was just cuddled up, nursing, and it hit me: I LOVE this part of being a mom.  I love rocking my kids to sleep.  I love nursing my baby.  I rocked her a little longer than was necessary then I put her to sleep.  My little man came right to me when I told him it was bedtime and I started rocking him- until he told me to stop.  He says “just put me in bed, Mama”.  Wait, WHAT??  After almost 4 years of rocking him EVERY night, tonight he just wanted to go to bed like a big boy.  A little part of my heart broke but a bigger part swelled with happiness.  My little man is finally secure enough to go to bed without his Mommy.

It seems like just yesterday he was born and I thought the colic was never going to end.  Then for over a year, he wouldn’t go to sleep without being rocked to sleep.  Then, he would wake numerous times in the night.  It was just a couple months ago that I thought I was never going to get a good night’s sleep again.  Trinity used to wake so many times per night that I would lose count.  For over a year, I got up every hour or so to calm her and put her back to sleep.  Now, she only wakes once if at all!

My babies are growing up so fast.  I’m going to blink and they will be graduating high school.  I’ll blink again and they will be getting married and having babies of their own.  And then I will be that grandmother saying “I know its hard now, but it’ll all be over before you know it!”

So on a day like today, I am grateful for my Hot Mess of a day.  I am grateful that my children and I made it through with no battle wounds or scars and I am so grateful to be their Mommy.

I would love to hear from you!  What crazy things have your kids done to drive you nuts?



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 One of THOSE Days

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  1. Liz | | Reply

    Oh yes, girl! You know I can relate! Right down to the little color changing clock. D has that one too but he wakes up every day around 5:45am. The light turns green at 7. He is pretty good at staying in his room until then but he does come in our room at least twice to ask for help with something or to “check on me”.
    The tag team nap thing… oh that’s is the worst! It really is the holy grail getting two 3 and unders to nap at the same time. Most days I can get a good hour to myself where they are both asleep. I totally put my feet up and watch TV in that hour. I refuse to do anything but just chill. This SAHM thing is no joke! It’s wonderful, of course and I am ever-grateful that I get this time with my children but still it is a hard job. I try to explain to people that I am a different kind of tired now. It’s an endurance thing now, rather than the lack of sleep kind of tired. Someone always needs something.
    As for my sanity, we belong to the most wonderful branch of the YMCA. Every single person that works there is awesome, kind, and truly caring. My kids spend at least one hour a day in the childwatch area (it’s awesome… huge climbing structure- ala Chuckie Cheese and lots of toys, coloring, and friends- the kids have friends there). I get my workout in and they get to play and tire themselves out. Not only that, they have a great family friendly indoor pool that we use very often. We can easily spend the whole morning at the Y and most days we do! It keeps us all happy. I swear, it’s what keeps my head on straight. I always say, I workout for my sanity, not vanity. Truth. Sister-mama, thank you for sharing with us. I am sorry you had one of those days…. but I am with you girl. It happens here too. Just knowing we are not alone is huge. <3

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