Perfect Boiled Eggs

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In my family, each person kind of has their specialty.  You know, the one food item that everyone asks you to make for their gathering.  My brother’s is chocolate chip cookies, my mom’s is tuna salad, and mine is deviled eggs.  It never fails to crack me up (did you catch that pun?), though, when people see me making them and tell me I’m boiling the eggs wrong.

There are so many “correct” ways to boil eggs its a little ridiculous.  I mean, they’re EGGS, people!  However, it never fails to surprise people how easy it is to get the shell off of mine.  So here it is: I’ll show you a fail-proof way (at least its never failed for me) to boil eggs so that the practically peel themselves!

**Note: if you are boiling eggs and plan on keeping the shell on (for decorating,etc.), you may want to try a different approach.  My way makes for awesome eggs that deshell easy and taste great.  The shell, however, is usually not in the best shape by the time you get to that part!

STEP 1:  Make sure your pot is big enough to hold all the eggs and have them completely submerged in water (but don’t put the eggs in yet!).   Add water to the pot and put on a burner turned to high.  Allow time for water to boil.

STEP 2:  Once water is boiling, use an egg ladle to slowly add eggs one at a time to the boiling water.

I don't have this particular ladle but I think its adorable!!
I don’t have this particular ladle but I think its adorable!!

STEP 3:  Boil eggs on medium-high (a rolling boil) for 20 minutes.  Yes- I said 20 minutes.  Some may crack open while they are cooking and thats ok.  You’re just going to peel the shell off anyway, right?


STEP 4: After 20 minutes, dump entire pot into a large colander in the sink.  Immediately put ice cubes on top of the eggs.  I usually just take the entire ice bucket out of the freezer and dump it on top.


STEP 5:  Allow eggs to cool completely.  Usually by the time the ice melts, they should be cool.


STEP 6:  Begin peeling the eggs, running each one under the faucet to make sure that no little pieces of shell are stuck on there.


And that’s it!  You’re done!

Make deviled eggs, egg salad, chop them up for salads, eat them alone… there are tons of things you can do with them!  Boiling eggs is also a great thing to do when you realize you are nearing the expiration date on your egg carton!

What is your favorite thing to do or make with boiled eggs?



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 Perfect Boiled Eggs

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